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To make choosing the right game easier for you here are some ideas. As always, we are happy to talk to you about our products to see which would be best for your needs. Just call us toll-free at 800-433-GAME.

The Perfect Gift?

What makes the perfect gift? When that gift is for a child the search can be exhausting! Ask a child, and chances are "the perfect gift" will be the latest heavily advertised toy or passing fad screaming out of the TV. In the mind of a parent or grandparent, "the perfect gift" might be one that satisfies their own desire to help the child grow to his or her full potential (and, in the process, to "do the right thing" as a grown-up).

At Talicor/Aristoplay, we think our games may be just what you're looking for. If games were a part of your childhood, you may recall happy times when your family all got together to play. Family game time offered a chance to laugh and learn together and let the younger ones learn strategies from the older ones. Talicor/Aristoplay still believes in the value of these family times. Although you won't see our games on Saturday morning TV or in the big chain stores, we know kids like them; love them in fact, because of the countless letters they send us. And parents love them, too, as we hear stories of how the games engaged and entertained their children while challenging them to learn. That's no accident. We design them with both of you in mind.

Other reasons to give an Talicor/Aristoplay game?

  • Multiple levels of play allow games to continue to be fun and challenging as children grow.
  • Giving the gift of learning is always special, but not always common.
  • Game play allows children to visit a subject again and again in different ways.

Gift Ideas:

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